Bierhoff: Germany winning around the globe

Germany’s general manager Oliver Bierhoff believes football fans worldwide are finally warming towards national team on account of their FIFA World Cup™ triumph.

Bierhoff hopes that previous accusations of arrogance are actually some thing of history with the team instead earning praise for their conduct both off and on the dig in Brazil.

Speaking to newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, he explained: “I’ve rarely heard people say so often once i am abroad that we’ve got a fantastic list of lads who made a real good impression and were so nice.

“Then finally, they always says that any of us were also the best and now we deserved the title. It was not so much the sporting aspect but our conduct which stood out.”

We did not celebrate in a huge way but alternatively put an arm round our opponents’ shoulder and consoled them.Oliver Bierhoff, on Germany’s 7-1 World Cup win against Brazil.

Even though Germany demolished hosts Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals, Bierhoff insists there was clearly never any self-importance on show within the dressing room.

“We did not celebrate in a huge way but put an arm round our opponents’ shoulder and consoled them,” added the UEFA EURO 1996 winner. “We never got big-headed however stated that it had been another step forwards. For the reason that moment we were not the ugly Germans. It really is a sensation that young generation emits.”

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