In-form card for FIFA 15 FUT

We all know that Coutinho had previously received an in-form card for FIFA 15 FUT, however you can note that EA has become forced to present the Liverpool FC star an additional in-form card caused by recent performances.

fifa 16 is coming
Since that time he signed a fresh contract using the club, the tiny magician has been around amazing form and after this EA are translating this into FIFA 15 for FUT players.

He recently also received a MOTM 82 card, these days you will get the hands when using better yet 83 Coutinho TOTW card in a very pack for FUT for anyone who is lucky enough.

This card features some good improvements, the main that is a 90 stat for dribbling. He’s also had his shooting upgraded with a 78 and that is actually a +10 increase to his default card in the same containing 68 for shooting only.

His main weakness is strength having a suprisingly low 52 strength rating. how you feel of the brand new Coutinho. Despite his great form, there’s still a few who believe that Oscar is much better – so what can you tell that?

As we talking about FIFA 15,FIFA 16 is in development and that hard work is being put into it.Full FIFA will be delivering all updates on EA Sports like the FIFA 16 facebook page, receive further information.

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