FIFA 15 is popular all over the world!

2015,Another year, another game FIFA. This, however, it seemed that the first correct version for the new generation of consoles; although FIFA 14 was a great showcase technical, that another year of development time, and with the new systems was sure to do wonders for the game.

With the new personalities, the improvement of the goalkeepers, and a lot of new animations, FIFA 15 brings the series one step closer to the uncanny valley and the realism that are pointing. Despite having some problems on PS4 at first, and turning some diehard fans away with the changes, which seems to have done its job for the most part.

“Long time fans of FIFA can reasonably hope for a revolution in gameplay similar to the transition from FIFA 08 to FIFA 09″ started the review of Peter, going on to say that the biggest change “is how the momentum and strength come to endure during each on- step meeting. “Fortunately, even if this changes the defense and face a lot, ” never feels unfair “and actually feels more realistic.

The doormen are “not only animated with a wider range of movements and reactions, but are also more difficult to beat” because of their advanced AI, which makes them more intelligent and less likely to be fooled by cheeky tactics that have worked in previous games. When you get in the box, “there are many more pushups, rebounds and scrappy goalmouth scrambles,” according to Peter.

Improvements and changes feed back in the presentation, including: the management team is easier to explore, and you can be much more tactical with it. Ultimate Team too has seen a number of improvements, with the concept teams and players of the loan. Overall, it makes for one of the best releases in FIFA at least one year.

FIFA 15 is not just the great leap forward that many would have hoped, but it is a bigger jump than it seems at first to be. The changes, although infuriating to begin with, how do you re-learn elements of the game, in the final analysis, make for a more realistic game of football.

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