Barcelona faces difficult Valencia in la liga

The Argentina striker has scored three goals  against sevilla last weekend in 253 and was crowned Fifa 15 la liga’s in history leading scorer a few weeks, and hubby scored a hat-trick inside the 4-0 victory on the Greek athletic, broke the Fifa uefa  champions league record 74 goals.

Although messi goal prolific, Barcelona remain two points behind real Madrid came second in the premiership. Madrid access to malaga on Saturday. Here are several what you should know this weekend within the  Primera Liga game: Lionel messi will likely be valencia manner as a line, and teammate suarez serving a four-month ban bite a player within the Fifa World Cup after restore his step-by-step. Suarez  has scored one other goal for the s&p on Tuesday, his first competitive goal in Barcelona. “I know the goals will arrive at some point,” Uruguay striker said.

Fifa Real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti has tied his predecessor mourinho record of Fifa 15 straight victories, but there are lots of more games within the back. “It is important is not to acquire overly enthusiastic,” said real Madrid striker bell. “We will need to take each game, because doing so has come, and check out the top, we can. “The injury, to prevent in 2010, Francis to substitute “Isco” alarcon use a chance  to shine. But ancelotti could possibly be much more solid team lead within the sixth malaga with Bear and Ronaldo. “He reduced the problem to become better player,” mmo4player said.

As the focus is on Lionel messi and suarez, inside have quietly efficient omar, scoring 13 goals, all competitions FIFA 15 Coins games. And in your competitors of Brazil, barca won 11 league games eight in  Fifa game. “Omar and Lionel messi clearly know 1 another wonderfully, since they played last season,” Barcelona coach luis enrique says. “I really believe the hard times are gone. ”

And coming against sevilla, granada midfielder francesco medina believes his team is getting ready to, to point it is improving. “We must optimize our goals more marksmanship, and continue its  work, because eventually returns should come,” medina says.

Off against malaga and olympiakos great triumph, Atletico Madrid can be several deportivo la coruna on Sunday. The Fifa 15 defending league champion was in third place, four Fifa 15 points  behind the leaders, 2 Barcelona roaming. “We defended wonderfully, we realize how to proceed, but has to be improved, because we’re to a great extent, depends on this,” said the atletico Madrid midfielder  tiago mendes. With diego costa went, mann ZuJiJi has good alternatives.

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