FIFA 15 Video Shows Chelsea Tournament Featuring Schurrle

FIFA 15 has already has a very successful launch plus the team of developers at EA Sports is currently planning to secure long-term momentum for your game by showing gamers how real life  footballers are enjoying the game.

The newest trailer with the game is concentrated using a tournament that’s held inside Chelsea football club, they that is currently near the top of the Premier League and has been showing  signs that it may win the championships in 2010.

Gamers can easily see players like Andre Schurrle, Loic Remy, Cesar Azpilicueta and Nathan Ake while they deploy their utmost FIFA 15 moves so as to upstage one another.

The footage is pretty interesting since it shows how actual footballers approach the simulation and might offer some ideas to members of the community.

Recently they at EA Sports has deployed an extra major title update for FIFA 15 on the PC plus the PlayStation 4, set also to get offers for soon around the Xbox One. The studio has created tweaks to both long range shots and to the behavior of goalkeepers there are fixes for a few of the most common bugs which the community continues to be reporting since  launch.min1024nov

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