A Best Tip Of earning Runescape Gold For Rangers In 2014

The extent 24 Wilderness Green Dragons have numerous opportunities for Rangers to produce Kills. After done runescape quest lost citytake your very best Dragon Hide gear, a Magic Bow and Bronze arrows. There are several Dead Trees you can run behind and hide after your first shot at the Dragon. It takes a modest amount of practice, but you is certain to get used to it. You might eliminating the Dragon; obtain the Dragon Bones, Dragon Hide, Loot, along with your arrows back. This can be a safe approach to kill both Green and Blue Dragons. It will take you a little longer to acquire kills using this method. However you will not have to be concerned about spending money on food. You are able to kill more dragons having a higher level arrow, however your cost per kill will increase. Weigh your options. The choice is yours.

Blue Dragons are located in Taverley Dungeon. A Dusty Secret is needed to pull in to fight them. There is a couple places that you are able to Range then one good spot where one can occurs Dragon Halberd, should you have one.min1024nov

The opposite great position for Fighting Blue Dragons may be the Heros Guild Basement. There won’t be any mazes to negotiate, hardly any other creatures to battle.Its just you and him. You’ll be able to Range or Halberd nowhere Dragon safely from down there likewise. Just stand outside of the door of the cage and fire or slash away. Watch though, because sometime n00bs will open up the gate and you will have a very angry dragon on your own tail. Additional option, which believe it or not is really safer, is usually to fight the dragon inside the cage as shown inside the picture below. Stand on the far side against the wall. Whenever a Dragon appears shot him with any magical spell or bow and arrow. He will come over and you possibly can attack him your halberd. You dont need armor, food, or perhaps an Anti-Dragon Shield. Bring some Nature runes and a Fire Staff the High Alch, and spend the day making runescape accounts.

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