The Man Will Challenge The Longest Gameplaying Time of FIFA 15

It’s reported that “the longest marathon playing football games record” is two days 5 minutes, dare to destroy this record? a person named ChirsCook in London will challenge this record, the  purpose is rasing financing to help people with disabilities.

Cook is GameKeysNow community administrator, announced he can challenge this record, personal purpose would be to raise funds to SpecialEffectcharity, the corporation responsible for raising funds to  help people with disabilities through electronic gaming group.

“I did start to play ” FIFA ” through the MD period,I can not think of a better approach to fundraising,” Cook said in a statement. “As a way to let everyone see video games to the meaning of life, I do believe the  charity is probably the best promotional channels.”

Cook will challenge the record in Games theme bar in North London , enough time for November 5th to 7th. The project are going to be prepared to take people, players can take part in donations, and watch Cook play  “FIFA15″ process.min1024nov

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