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Second, seamless map. Zade hue from Elwynn Do, to the Outdoors West sunset skies; from Shadow Area boundless starry evening, sunrise to Tala Duo new-sprung(a) ……

In the game, in addition to get into to a duplicate of the country voyage outside, participants do not look into the blue bar, road directions seamless technology will allow players to definitely feel  intuitively change the screen switching along with the environment, in the full World of World of warcraft experience the unique art style image, the player unwittingly greatly  enhanced smoothness game into this sense and the image!

In the "Warcraft: Delano King", your Blizzard is this sort of seamless technology towards extreme, but also from another stand of the engineering science proved  a fantastic sense for the experience:

Some time in the past there was media that Blizzard Warcraft 6.0 will be a copy of the data sheet on engineering: a copy on the seamless  integration using the world map, allowing the player to eliminate the blue prevention when read in the copy; whether this technology is currently in 6.0 around the real line  products are unknown, but you can be positive that, single challenge scene Delano Frostfire Ridge region have similar technological innovations: frost fireplace Thunder Ridge walk  battle!

&nbsp,Wow Gold Sale;

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