own foundation with EA SPORTS

In the last league, Messi that is only twenty seven years of age scored did 28 league goals for Barcelona, and played because the Argentina captain’s identity and lead them into the final World Cup.During this time period, He does not only reach the standing of win the most effective player (World Cup golden ball), but also strike four goals.

Since November 2011, Messi has been around collaboration with EA SPORTS and EA football ambassador. Lionel Messi appears for the cover of EA Sports for many people times. He also organized to create the  streetball court Barcelona by their own foundation with EA SPORTS.

Because last generations of FIFA game, local players is going to be around the local FIFA 15 Coins cover with Lionel messi on various areas. Messi’s portrait becomes the focus on the whole cover, even through this  promotion hasn’t helped Argentina won the World Cup.

Messi is “god” for football fans. Obviously they are an earth person, who should challenge the gravity and it has something he isn’t able to complete as other soccer players, such as sis ankle  disadvantages.But all fans are know that Messi got 70 goals within the last league. It truly is believed that he will be possible to broke another record himself, not other football player! As they is pretty  strong and is not an easy task to get injured. However, if he wishes to break another record, he need good overall collaboration of your world-class team.

It is officially confirmed because of the official EA that the Brazil league will not include the FIFA 15. In past times generations of FIFA football games, EA have been tried to atart exercising . small scales of  leagues amongst gamers. But when confronted by the authorization problem of Brazil league, they were forced to make the next announcement: Brazil Football World Cup seriously isn’t successful, FIFA15 won’t include Brazil National League.

EA rubs salt to Brazil, but could it be isn’t intent. EA Sports said, “Today, we would like to notify you that on account of some adjustments to the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues, there we were struggling to  reach a partnership while using the Brazilian rights holders for their inclusion in FIFA 15 “.

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