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The growth course of Neymar within the football star is? Who could imagine that doesn’t have an opportunity to try out the maldives, presently has jumped to become football star. Can you suppose he  used to be an affiliate of real Madrid? Real Madrid in 2006 was signed in, but real Madrid don’t value brings about the Brazilian teenager genius to go out of. During the warm months of 2013, introduced his Barcelona to  57 million euros.

06 spring, from the company is his father Neymar located Madrid and Brazil agent ribeiro. However, while real Madrid let his registered while using the football association, Brazilian teenager finally would not  stay at real Madrid, because he’s agent to real Madrid for the fee of 60000 euros. 066 years in February, artfacts perez sudden resignation, fernando Martin took over as chairman. Club chief  technical guidance in ramon martinez asked for, however in the tip, internal to the top but I can’t desire to spend 6 w contract the 14-year-old young players.

In line with Spanish, foreign media reported someone Neymar in Madrid found a registration form, this form have been proved that his helpful to remain in real Madrid. In the conclusion because internal  real Madrid up but I can’t need to spend 6 w contract the 14-year-old young players.

Eventually resulted in the maldives to Brazil. Real Madrid are already trying to introduce his, but his brush with real Madrid eventually is extremely regret. If they served as country, to give full play on their talents, play your own game, for the player, this can be a greatest hope.

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