Runescape’s just hit – yes that Runescape

No heroic deed goes unrewarded. With every Super Challenge completed and handed in, you’ll be handed a hulking XP bonus inside a skill of your liking. After you really commence to prove your fortitude and  worst multiple completed Super Challenges, you will end up rewarded with spectacular milestone rewards. A superhero outfit, super titles, a different emote, lightning bolts, claws plus a superhero shield  override are intended for the runescape gold‘s mightiest heroes – you’ll receive your first one after beating 5 Super Challenges!

Take appropriate steps swiftly, however: each Super Challenge can be acquired for example day and something day only. Any you miss reduces your odds of removing those special milestone rewards when Super September  draws into a close. Complete all 30 and, amongst other rewards, you will get a gold version from the superhero outfit.

Two Super Challenges have their own hiscore tables for the week each. Complete Farmyard Rampage and Bulldog as many times as you want to make it within their hiscores. At the conclusion each week, the superior  1000 players will earn themselves 2 new titles plus the gold version of the superhero outfit!

Runescape’s just hit – yes that Runescape – recently hit 200 million registered players, making the eleven yr old Cambridge-developed MMO the “most played activity ever, dwarfing  the sales of FIFA along with the Cod series combined”. Honestly yes, that RuneScape. The plucky pioneer of online fantasy clicks may be quietly amassing an impressively lengthy directory players.  Jagex claim that in whole, those 200 million players have tallied up more than 443 billion minutes of gaming since Runescape’s launch in 2001 – that’s one and a half days each.

A press release light-heartedly posits a hypothetical country populated by these RuneScape players that could possess a population 3.21 times larger than that surrounding britain, “boasting your fifth largest  population on the globe”. Imagine that. Imagine living there. Maybe it might help you to know that on this fictional country there’d be “ten LOLs per second”? What a fun place! Although presumably  a few players have since left, and even died. Come on , man, these bankruptcies are not 200 million concurrent players, that’d be madness. It’s 200 million players ever, an amazing milestone that Jagex are the initial to  claim.

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