FIFA 14 Coins occured in iOS and Android platforms

FIFA 14 Coins occured in iOS and Android platforms on the line from short while of 8 weeks was downloaded more than 26 million players worldwide times, now it is not easy to count. In line with the official EA Sports news, FIFA14 when most prosperous countries from the 150 free standings Apple store to obtain the first position within the standings iPhone revenue 115 countries within the top. EA  triumph win the discharge in the WP version of FIFA14, equally popular.

PC and console platforms, mobile platforms football game simulation game had enable you to make up the three pillars with the situation: Gameloft’s “Real Football”, KONAMI’s PES series (the European  version on the live short), EA’s FIFA series initially considerable strength . Nevertheless the growth of the 2014 generation, “Real Football” that’s for ages been forgotten pioneers most players, KONAMI has run out of your competitors, FIFA had a final laugh. Even just in other sellers inside PC and console, FIFA also beyond the PES – IGN evaluate multiple versions of FIFA14 although feel a bit lost PES, but that’s passionate presence of PES beats anyway.

To express FIFA14 advantage, can not fail to mention his official background. When first contacted FIFA PC platform, I joked and small partners which the backpacks are “illegal football” (teasing FIFA  pronunciation), nevertheless the highest FIFA series may be the “legitimate” degree in any way football games. Here refers back to the number of licenses can legally obtain official – in the national towards club, from player to  player portrait name, so use rights and also other real stadium models, FIFA official bet on the FIFA World having its background, it is simple to access Almost anything you would like to authorize. The  “Real Football” and PES are certainly not so lucky, these are either struggling to obtain authorization to discard plenty of leagues, clubs and the national team, either customize the name on the first virtual information to  charge number. In the past PES series limelight when civil society organizations employ a special patch to generate up for that series output of regret, but as time a growing number of diverse gaming  platform, players increasingly fragmented, people are actually performing these things .

In addition to the official FIFA also launched a weekly best game, from club derby, to the World Cup clashes, all current or past important bet on the classic races, players have the opportunity to  experience something in FIFA, this model will entertain shorten the gap between reality along with the infinite, and this also point around the successful FIFA also contributed.

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